About Us

Sisters have a unique bond and many of our sisters have no genetic link. Womanhood is sisterhood in all parts of the world and we celebrate women of all color and circumstance. 

Fifteen years as a makeup artist gave me the opportunity to work in all aspects of the industry; fashion, film and print. I taught myself to knit and sew many years ago and it was a transition that made sense as an extension of my artistry. There is nothing more rewarding than to see the beauty that your hands can create. At the time I limited my handmade gifts for friends and family. Until one day a friend suggested I open a shop on Etsy. That was 2008, and now today, after several breaks, my one time hobby has evolved into an opportunity to share my love for fashion, art and design. 

We are just two dope and creative chicks!

The collaboration with my equally talented sister, Tammy is what makes two twisted sistahs truly unique because most of the work we create together is done remotely. Although we can’t work together face to face because she lives in Virginia, we enjoy turning our ideas into reality and sharing it with women who share our sense of humor and distinctive style. We are inspired by street style, local artists, culturally inspired design and architecture from the places that we travel.  

two twisted sistahs is a reflection of who we truly are; confident, carefree and fearless. My evolution as an artisan has led to the introduction of handcrafted leather jewelry and african wax print handbags. Every item is made with love from my home studio in Atlanta, GA with the intent of providing handcrafted goods that make an unexpected statement.